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What Is An Active Ingredient In Cosmetics?

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What Is An Active Ingredient In Cosmetics?

Cosmetic Chemist Spotlight: This is the first in a series of articles highlighting  insights from the industry's best cosmetic chemists with a commitment to education.

Have you read or listened to one to many beauty blogs or podcasts on ingredients and walked away more confused then you were going into the conversation. Well, firstly its not the intent of our beauty hosts to mislead and confuse. The miscommunication comes with the lack of transparency  and education provided by formulators. 

According to cosmetic chemist and author of the Chemist Corner, Perry Romanowski, “when it comes to cosmetics, people are using the term ‘active ingredient’ in the wrong way”

Perry breaks down the process into clear and easy to understand categories:

  • Active ingredients in OTC
  • Cosmetic active ingredients
  • Functional ingredients

He also stressed that its key to know that “if things marketed as “active ingredients” in skin care were actually active ingredients, the products would be illegal drugs at least here in the US.” Know if that’s not an eye opener, I don’t know what is. 

Jump over to his blog to read the article in depth, hit this link. Share with us your thoughts on Perry’s article and keep the conversation going.

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