Nia El-Amin

SKIN GUIDE: 4 Easy Skin Care Tips for Men

Nia El-Amin
SKIN GUIDE: 4 Easy Skin Care Tips for Men

Times are changing. Today, men are more interested in taking better care of their skin and savvy men know that a good regimen leads to better shaves and an all-around healthier complexion. In honor of Father's Day we have rounded up the top 4 tips to share with the men in your life. 


Facials aren’t just for women; everyone loves to be pampered! While you’ll enjoy the benefits of a professional treatment, the face, neck, shoulder, hand & arm massages are deeply relaxing and will keep you coming back. I recommend a facial at least every change in season as your skin adjusts or at the VERY least once a year. It’s also great to get face time with a professional to answer any skincare questions you have. A professional treatment can address any specific concerns you have including; shaving sensitivity, ingrown hairs, breakouts, and your skin care professional can develop a plan for at-home care. Speaking of at-home care…


Facial services include a consultation at the beginning and end of the service. Ask questions and follow the professional’s advice and invest in a routine you can commit to. At the very least – cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate; you’ll be carded to buy beer forever *wink*. One of the worst things you can do to your skin is use products that aren’t specifically formulated for your skin type and current condition.


Consistency is key to maintaining healthy skin. It’s important to stick with a routine that works to retain the benefits. If this is an errand you can’t always make, try shopping online. 


This tip is for EVERYONE. Skin cancer is very real and does not discriminate based on gender or skin tone.  A yearly mole check with your dermatologist is an essential appointment to always keep.

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