Nia El-Amin

SKIN GUIDE: Before You Get a Facial

Nia El-Amin
SKIN GUIDE: Before You Get a Facial

Although they seem indulgent, facials can be an important part of keeping skin healthy. A basic facial service provides professional exfoliation, increased blood circulation (highly underrated, but essential as we age) and relaxation.

Let’s face it, facials can be costly and we want them to leave us feeling rejuvenated, radiant and relaxed. So, lets discuss what to expect when you meet with your esthetician. 


Be sure to perform your normal skincare routine, makeup and all. Don’t look at it like you’re preparing for your favorite on-demand beauty app beautician to visit you at home for a blow out or twist out where they want you hair clean and washed. If you normally wear makeup, wear makeup. It’s important that your esthetician can analyze your complexion as is. If cleansed prior to your appointment, the skin analysis may be skewed; making it challenging to assess pore size, oil buildup, hydration levels, etc. 


Avoid anything exfoliating prior to your facial services. An important step in most facial treatments is a professional exfoliating treatment. You want to be sure that you’re not coming into the service with over-sensitized skin. So, its best to  avoid products with enzymes, acids, scrubs, waxing, and retinol products a few days prior to a treatment. 


The consultation is a crucial step in your facial service. Have your top concerns and questions  ready to communicate to your esthetician to allow your facial to be customized and your treatment time maximized.


Or at least know the names. Depending on the facility and/or esthetician, it’s helpful to see what you are using to have a better idea of how the products and ingredients are addressing your concerns…or not. Now, with the WKB App, you can store your routine in the app to review with your skincare professional right on your phone.


Turn your phone on silent and sink into the treatment table. While you’re here to get your glow on, the session is also your time to relax and be pampered. Don’t waste it listening to your phone vibrate or looking around the room. Believe me, your esthetician won’t harm you, and if they wanted to, could you really stop it? I’m totally kidding, but it’s important to really enjoy the experience.

These are just a few ways to maximize your treatment time and allow your skincare professional to maximize your service. Enjoy!

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