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Do Women Of Color Need To Wear Sunscreen?

Well-Kept Beauty
Do Women Of Color Need  To Wear Sunscreen?

Wearing a daily SPF is essential to maintaining healthy skin, yet a large number of women of color with deeper skin tones have been reluctant to incorporate sunscreen into their daily routines.

No matter your skin tone the sun’s harmful rays will and can do immense damage, leading to unwanted skin conditions and skin cancer.

The biggest roadblock to using sunscreen for many women of color is the lack of quality formulations that work best with varying complexions and often, if not always, leave a white ashy appearance.

The other common reason is the long held belief that melanin provides a substantial amount of protection from ultraviolet light. Unfortunately, the sun has the same damaging effects to the skin of individuals with deeper skin tones as it does to lighter and fair skin tones.

Below are few reminders and benefits of using sunscreen.


  • Prevent the worsening of existing hyperpigmentation

  • Minimize and prevent sun-related blemishes and hyperpigmentation

  • Prevent of sun-related skin cancers

  • Prevention of fine lines and wrinkles from chronic sun exposure


  • Look for a moisture that contains the SPF of at least 30

  • Find a sunscreen that is broad spectrum to provide protection from both UVB and UVA rays

  • Wear sunscreen daily no matter your skin tone or the weather - on cloudy days and sunny days.


  • Start your day with your usual skincare routine, for example, facial cleanser, serum, then moisturizer. If you use a thick moisturizer and a chemical sunscreen with ingredients like avobenzone or homosalate, you should start with your sunscreen to allow enough time for it to absorb into the skin.

  • Once you have completed your skincare routine, add your sunscreen.

  • Follow the sunscreen with a primer, your sunscreen can also act as great primer. You can also find a primer with SPF in it, for extra protection.

  • Finally, apply your foundation and other makeup products as usual.