Skincare Tips For The Man (Men) in Your Life

Skincare Tips For The Man (Men) in Your Life

While our bathroom counter-tops are covered with cleansers, moisturizers, and serums—men normally have a singular shelf in the medicine cabinet for a bottle of cologne and maybe a few bottles of unopened aftershave. If he has a beard he may have beard oil, a conditioner, and even a special shampoo. For a lot of men, the importance of a solid skincare regimen was just about as important as catching the latest episode of “Sex and the City”. Well, times are changing as men are becoming interested in taking better care of their skin and savvy men know that a good regimen leads to better shaves and an all-around healthier complexion. 

This year, why not use the Father’s Day weekend to help convince the men in your life to adopt regimens that work for them – yes my fellow well-kept beauties, I’m calling on you to help them out. Why? Because you will not believe how many of my male clients (yes, I have male clients) use “just water”. Keep scrolling to learn how to help the fellas in your life take care of their skin once and for all with a few easy tips. 


Facials aren’t just for women! If he can, your fella should try to schedule a facial at least four times a year with every change of season to help the skin adjust to the weather changes. If he can't fit in four facials in four time a years, at the VERY least he should have one once a year. If he is reluctant remind him that a professional treatment can address his many of his concerns including -  shaving sensitivity, ingrown hairs,  and breakouts, Also, it's great to have one-on-one face time with a professional to answer any skincare questions and they can help develop a plan for at-home care regimen. Speaking of at-home care regimen...

Establish A  Regimen

Most facial services include a consultation at the beginning and end of the service and this is the time to ask questions and take mental note to not just remember any advice given, but to follow it as well.  Creating a routine with the best products for his skin takes is an invest and takes time, so be sure that he creates one that he can commit too. At the very least his routine should include a cleanser and a moisturize and he'll be carded to buy beer forever *wink*. And please tell him to stop using whatever is in the shower, including bar soap. The worst thing he can do to his skin (besides not wearing sunscreen) is to use products that aren’t specifically formulated for his skin type and current condition. Speaking of products…

 Keep What Works

Consistency is key to maintaining healthy skin. It’s important to stick with a regimen that works to retain the benefits and you need to remind him why its important. If this is an errand he can’t always make time for, shopping online may be the way to go. The new Well-Kept Beauty app makes it easy to track expiration dates and repurchase the staples. Not only we will he receive an alert when a product is set to expire - he can order his favorites straight from the app! You can join the private beta list to get your invite here.

Schedule A Yearly Body Scan

This tip is for EVERYONE, not just your fella. Skin cancer is very serious and a yearly mole check with a dermatologist is an important appointment to schedule annually. Enough Said.

What I’ve found is that most men will care for their skin properly, if it’s fairly straight forward and easy - the tips above can’t make it any easier.

P.S. - Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!


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