What Is Your Beauty Routine?

What Is Your Beauty Routine?

Beauty routines are as diverse as the women who create them on any given day. A beauty routine can fall under many different categories including skincare, makeup application, special occasions, and travel. 

Although the skin is the most exposed organ and works 24/7 to protect our body from the environment, many of us tend to neglect its proper care, fortunately, even the most basic routine can do wonders for your skin’s health, provide the best working canvas for your makeup, and provide a peace of mind.

So what are the basics that go into developing a beauty routine? 
Well, here’s the thing…there are no real basics. 

However, there are tips that you should remember such as  removing  makeup every night, washing your face at least twice a day, seeing a dermatologists or skincare professional to determine your skin type, and taking time to determine the products that work best for you. Remember, don’t be shy about developing different routines for different occasions, different times of the year, and for life’s big moments – think pregnancy.  You are a well-kept beauty and the only rules that matter are your own. 

Now that you know there are no rules - but your own, we would love to hear about your routines.  Let us know!


Image Credit: de-smitten