The Brief, Definitive Guide to Summer Skincare

The Brief, Definitive Guide to Summer Skincare

Summer time means rooftop bars, music festivals, beach days and sun-kissed glowing skin. Unfortunately, it can also mean sun damage, sunburn, and breakouts from the mixture of sweat, oil, bacteria and sunscreen. This is your well-kept beauty summer skincare guide complete with the steps you need to take to ensure that your skin is protected to prevent redness, unwanted pigmentation, and increased oil production.

Double Up On Cleansing

Sometimes it’s not wearing makeup that breaks us out, it’s the fact that we never take it completely off. The first and most important step in any thorough routine is proper cleansing. This step should remove makeup, debris, sweat, oil and allow for the better efficacy of the products that follow. No special products required, except a gentle cleanser for your skin type. Thorough cleansing alone will help keep breakouts at bay.

Wear Sunscreen Every Day

While obvious to some, others tend to neglect this little important fact.  Applying sunscreen every day it a must and remember that it doesn’t have to be hot outside for damage to occur. Find a formula that works for you and apply liberally. With so many products now offering sun protection, there’s ONE out there for you; oil free face lotion, moisturizer, mineral powder, serum, makeup primer, setting sprays…you only need one.

Don’t forget your neck. Think of your neck and chest as extensions of your face. Anytime you are applying products to the face you should also apply them to these areas as well.

Stay Hydrated

Be sure to seek water-based hydration  - topically as well as internally. You’d be surprised how much water we lose from evaporation and sweat. This is especially important for oily skin types that need the hydration, but not the oil. Toners, masks and hydrating serums are great, and are especially a treat if stored in the fridge for cooling after sun exposure.

Reduce Breakouts By Reducing Oil Production

The summer heat tends to make my oily friends even shinier; sometimes causing breakouts. Instead of drying your skin out with over mattifying products, ensure that your skin stays properly hydrated. It seems counter-intuitive, but dehydrating and drying your skin out will trigger increased oil production and increased breakouts. Instead, focus on oil free moisturizers and boosts from water-based hydrating toners, masks, and/or serums.

Vitamin C Is Key -Topically & Internally

Free radicals are not are friends and contribute to aging. Antioxidants, like vitamin C are great for use during the day to protect skin cells. It’s also great for fading brown spots, and brightening and smoothing skin. (In the spa, our Vitamin C facial is the most requested seasonal treatment). Because I also work in construction, a good Vitamin C serum has been a staple in my routine. I’m not outside every day, all day, but when I am there are a lot of opportunities for environmental damage.

Stay Cool

Along with direct sun exposure, heat also causes hyperpigmentation and heat rash due to the skin’s increased temperature. To soothe a heat rash, think cooling and hydration. A gel based mask with soothing, anti-inflammatories like chamomile, bosabolol and aloe is a great way to repair and calm skin to reduce irritation and redness.

Enjoy the season in your best skin!


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